Dexcom G6 sensor CGM

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DEXCOM G6 CGM sensor for glucose monitoring* 1 pcs.

Choose independence, modernity and effective disease control - use the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitoring system. This system allows you to read blood glucose measurements in real time and, thanks to a special application, complete data analysis. The system will even alert you to impending hypoglycemia. We do not need to convince anyone who pricked themselves several times a day to test glucose levels about the convenience of such a solution.

10 days sensor
You can place the sterilized, small-sized sensor anywhere on the skin - it is worth doing it where it will not interfere with anything, it will not catch anything or irritate anything. The application is made with a single press. And so every 10 days. The sensor takes measurements on an ongoing basis, sending them through the transmitter to the phone.

*ATTENTION - here you buy only the sensor, the transmitter for the sensor must be purchased separately or in a suitable package with sensors.

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