Pasta do zębów ze specjalną formułą dla diabetyków

Xerostom tooth paste recommended for diabetics

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XEROSTOM DRY MOUTH TOOTHPASTE 50 ml - toothpaste for dry mouth, special formula for diabetics

Dry mouth makes tooth enamel susceptible to acid attacks. Tooth decay is the main symptom that appears as a result of a pH imbalance in the mouth. Use XEROSTOM Toothpaste after each meal to counteract low pH. Also use XEROSTOM paste after drinking carbonated drinks, coffee, tea and when you eat sugar-sweetened products.

The paste contains up to 10% Xylitol and 0.22% fluorine ions.

Paste capacity: 50 ml

Xerostomy - colloquially called dry mouth - is a set of symptoms caused by the reduction or lack of salivation. The reduced amount of saliva affects the decrease in the outburst of substances that are protective barrier to the oral mucosa. The change in the quality and quantity of saliva, in turn, affects the flora of the oral cavity, which leads to an increase in the number of microorganisms responsible for caries and a clear increase in the number of harmful fungal colonies.

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