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Ozonella - Ozonized natural olive

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Numer katalogowy: OZONELLA

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OZONELLA - is a 100% natural product, whose basic ingredient is high-quality OLIVE OIL from the first cold pressing and biologically active OZON, which olive oil has been permanently saturated during the technological process.

OZONELLA due to the fact that its base ingredient is olive oil, contains monounsaturated fatty acids, significant amounts of vitamin E and plant polyphenols.

OZONELLA does not contain alcohol, artificial colors, preservatives, parabens or other cosmetic substances and fragrances that may cause sensitization, making it a hypoallergenic preparation, perfectly tolerated even by the most sensitive skin.

OZONELLA in contact with body fluids (sweat, etc.) releases active ozone, whose beneficial effects are additionally strengthened by the well-known nourishing and revitalizing action of the oil itself.

OZONELLA thanks to its oily form and the gradual release of ozone is easy to apply, quickly and effectively absorbed penetrating into the deep layers of the skin and long-acting at the place of application.

OZONELLA can be applied directly to changed and dried skin (1-2 times a day).

Recommended by the Polish Oncological Society and examined by the Specialized Testing Laboratory ITA-TEST S.C.

Recommended for diabetics with difficult skin problems after sensors and insertions.


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