Paski umożliwiają szybki pomiar ketonów we krwi

Strips for measuring ketones in blood Freestyle Libre

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Pack of 10 strips for measuring ketones in the blood using a Freestyle Libre reader.

Freestyle Libre is the only device on the Polish market that combines the functions of a glucose meter, a sensor data reader for measuring glucose levels and a device that allows testing the level of ketone bodies in the blood. Especially the latter measurement is very useful, because until now ketone bodies were tested only from urine. Thanks to Freestyle Libre, the diabetic can control this important indicator himself and ... do it more precisely.

Why is ketone body measurement so important for diabetics? It is about the prevention or early detection of acidosis. It is a state of acidification, which manifests itself, among others general malaise and nausea, which is often mistaken for e.g. food poisoning.

Measurement of ketone bodies in the blood with the strips is done in the same way as for the glucose test - no change of the glucose meter settings or calibration is required.

  • Measurement accuracy, in accordance with standards
  • Sensor required amount of blood
  • Instant measurement - in a few seconds
  • Compatible with Freestyle Libre reader
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