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Strawberry flavor 1CE liquid glucose with magnesium

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Liquid Glucose strawberry flavor 1WW (Carbohydrate Exchange) with magnesium

10 pcs in box

Taking glucose in a gel is a new way to raise your blood sugar quickly. In the presented form, liquid glucose not only works quickly, but above all it is handy and easy to use.

To prevent your blood sugar from falling back down, take one or two units of the slower-acting complex sugars. Do not take uncontrolled or uncounted large amounts of sugar - as its blood level will rise rapidly and put you at risk of ketoacidosis.

Directions for use: Liquid Glucose 1 WW is not only fast-acting but also easy to use. Tear open the sachet at the cut and squeeze the contents into your mouth with two fingers.

Capacity: 12 ml, 10 pcs of sachets in box

Glucose gel

Carbohydrates: High
Form of serve: Gel
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