i-PORT Advance to wygoda dla osób używających penów. Jedno zamiast średnio 21 ukłuć. Dzięki portowi przez 3 dni możesz cieszyć się wygodnym podawaniem insuliny.

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i-PORT Advance is a convenient therapy for people who use insulin pens. It is enough to install the port once every 3 days to perform injections into the port and limit the number of pricks to one.


  • when administering insulin, use needles with a length of 5 to 8 mm
  • you can deliver basal and rapid-acting insulin through the port (wait 60 minutes after basal insulin injection)
  • the injection port is delivered with the serter
  • cannula length 6 mm

i-port advance port do insulinyi-port advance injection 

The i-Port is applied to the skin similar to the FreeStyle Libre sensor, although visually the applicators of both devices are quite different from each other. Before inserting the puncture, the skin should be disinfected and degreased so that the glue sticks to it well. After removing the protective foils, there are three steps to inserting the puncture:

  • First, you need to remove the protection on the part with glue and the needle shield.
  • Then grasp the white, plastic part protruding from outside the turquoise applicator housing and move it down firmly.
  • The tool prepared in this way should be placed on the skin, holding two fingers on the recesses of the applicator, and then simultaneously pressing these places. And the puncture is ready for use.

The injection is really painless, and because it is also practically silent, it is even difficult to tell that the puncture has been placed in the subcutaneous tissue. This can be an advantage for the youngest patients who are afraid of the characteristic "clicks" during the application of sensors or Teflon punctures to the pump with the help of a serter. The very "unlocking" of the injection and preparation for the application is easy, although the moment when the white part of the applicator has to be removed from the turquoise housing may be difficult for patients who are afraid of decisive movements so as not to spoil the injection.

The manufacturer recommends that the new puncture should not be put on the skin immediately before going to bed, so that after changing the i-port, you can monitor glycemia more closely for 2-4 hours. As with Teflon insulin pump injections, it may happen that the cannula kinks during application, or the tip of the cannula hits a subcutaneous union and the insulin is not absorbed properly. If, after changing the i-port, you experience hyperglycemia that is difficult to control, it is a signal that the puncture is not working properly and should be replaced.

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