What's new in the world? Ear glucose measurement!

dyskretny kolczyk, który będzie monitorował poziom cukru we krwi i przekazuje informacje zwrotne do telefonu w czasie rzeczywistym.

What's new in the world? Ear glucose measurement!

Sense Glucose Earring is a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring system that is revolutionizing the way patients cope with type 1 diabetes. An earring requires a single petal piercing. It contains safe radio waves of the appropriate frequency that penetrate the ear lobe and provide data on blood characteristics without the need to collect blood samples, thus reducing the number of punctures needed compared to standard methods.

Glucose earring monitoring

The device is discreet and can be personalized while encouraging frequent testing. It comes with a portable charging case and uses rechargeable batteries. The mobile app helps the user to share data, analyze trends and manage diabetes overall.

At the moment, the project is in the development phase, the expected time of launch is 2022. Below we present some photos of the project, which is already being tested by diabetics.

 Glucose Earring monitoring

source: Huddersfield University


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