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Pen needle - choose the right size

Najlepszej jakości igły Insupen oraz Clickfine

Every diabetic who use insulin for a long time by pen will definitely find: quality matters. Stabbing your body several times a day to give insulin is a pain for the body. What to do to reduce it and the discomfort of giving yourself a medicine? The answer is simple: buy needles of good quality. So what to choose?


Length and thickness

Basically, the pen needles are thin. How much? They are only 0.23 mm (super-thin needles) to 0.30 mm thick. Although the differences seem minimal, for people who repeatedly prick themselves in the same place on the body a day (with time these places simply lack, despite their rotation), these nanometers matter. However, it is not only the thickness that determines how comfortable or painful the puncture will be in the skin fold, and more precisely in the subcutaneous tissue, i.e. the fatty lining under the skin.

When choosing the right needle for yourself, first of all you need to pay attention to the correctness and effectiveness of drug administration, and thus - the length of the needle selected for the body weight and skin properties of the person. Very slim people have a thin layer of fat, so the needle will quickly find the right place for puncture and even a 4 mm needle (i.e. the smallest available) will allow correct insulin delivery. Similarly in children. However, each additional kilogram of weight and millimeters of fat layer in most often stabbing places (insulin can be injected into the stomach, buttocks, arms, thighs and under the shoulder blades) means that you need to stock up with longer needles - 8-12 mm.


Hurt less...

Although another important criterion when choosing needles is the attachment system - to be as simple as possible and prevent errors, the most crucial is to minimize the pain and discomfort of the punctured skin. The best manufacturers are outdoing themselves in developing systems that will facilitate insulin delivery and make it less painful. Hence the use of various materials and technologies of needle production. For example, the Swiss manufacturer's mylife Clickfine DiamondTip needles have been coated with a special silicone coating that increases injection comfort.

 Igły Clickfine 31g 5 mm ClickFine 31g 8 mm

Another painless technology is "indolore", used by the Italian manufacturer Artsana in Insupen needles. A needle coated with anti-friction material and specially sharpened reduces patient discomfort to a minimum. An additional facilitation is the technology of super-thin walls, giving an even larger internal diameter while maintaining the same external diameter. This allows for easier and faster insulin flow (especially with its denser types) and, as a result, reduces the injection time.

  Insupen 33g 6mm

Obviously - if you are buying new needles, check their compatibility with your pen. Although many products on the market are universal, it is worth confirming. We recommend choosing universal needles - thanks to this, you are not associated with one manufacturer and it's easier to get a product that you use every day for mass quantities.

In our store, based on our own many years of experience, we chose the best pen needles tested by us. See our offer!

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