Android 10 technical support with MiaoMiao and Bubble


Android 10 technical support with MiaoMiao and Bubble

Not always upgrading your phone to the latest android version gives a benefits. If you don't have to, don't update your Android system. If you have already done so and your MiaoMiao 2 or Bubble has started to have problems with communication, we will present some tips that can help you improve this situation.

We note a lot of information about Android 10 - this system seems to be quite "resistant" when it comes to working with MiaoMiao 2 and Bubble devices. At the begining download the latest Xdrip+ version:

If you use the Xdrip + application, you need to look at the settings in the Settings / Less important settings / Bluetooth settings section


The first thing is to SELECT these options below:

Xdrip+ android select options

Then UNSELECT this option (if it is blocked to edition, just leave it):

Xdrip+ Android 10 unselect


After changes made, you need to restart the phone and perform pairing with the MiaoMiao 2 or Bubble again. On most phones, these changes allow the device to work properly when using an Android 10 phone.


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