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Technology for diabetes in the 21st century

 Technology for diabetes in the 21st century

Modern technologies make life easier for diabetics - painless and systematic glucose testing is a breakthrough for many patients.

Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by impaired insulin secretion or malfunction, the hormone that is produced by the pancreas. Insulin regulates the level of glucose in the blood, but when it does it incorrectly, hyperglycemia develops, which is too high blood sugar, which in turn causes negative effects such as damage to cells or tissues and further complications.

Regardless of the type of diabetes (insulin-dependent or non-insulin-dependent), its treatment is conditioned by constant monitoring of blood sugar levels. Living with diabetes requires discipline, self-control and a healthy lifestyle: diet, stabilizing weight, and physical activity. It is an incurable disease, but its control facilitates treatment and prevents dangerous complications. That is why it is so important.


Technology in the fight against diabetes
For years, this type of disease has been associated with puncturing (e.g. on the finger) to measure glucose. The development of technology, fortunately, also helps diabetics, for whom FreeStyle Libre sensors and readers have existed and function well for several years. The English name is not accidental - the solution of this brand frees diabetics from problems with glycemic control and allows them to lead an active lifestyle and keep the disease in check. Regular checks and analyzing trends help in life with an incurable disease.


How is it working?
The set for non-invasive glucose readings consists of:
- sensor - is a small plastic disc that is placed on the skin in any place (does not impede the wearing of clothes, does not conspicuous) checks glucose levels at any time and in any place - painlessly (without puncturing!), because by scanning,
- reader - is a small (9.5x6 cm) electronic device with a color touch screen, which is equipped with a memory that allows you to save and analyze data from 90 days.

Just 1 second (!) For the reader to show the current glucose concentration and a trend arrow indicating the direction of glucose changes. Readings should be taken at least every eight hours. Then an eight-hour blood glucose chart is available on the reader. The wireless reader with durable battery (requiring charging on average once a week) reads data from a distance of up to 4 cm. On his screen are presented understandable charts with a brief summary of the history of glucose levels.


The sensor is discreet and small (3.5 × 0.5 cm) and adheres to the skin for a maximum of 14 days (a new sensor must be applied every 2 weeks), and most importantly - it allows measurements in any situation without additional equipment or compliance with hygienic conditions. It is waterproof (1 m for 30 minutes), so it's not afraid not only of hygienic procedures, but also swimming in the pool, physical effort, etc.

The reader not only shows complete data on an ongoing basis and performs analyzes. Data from it can be transferred to a computer - just download software from the manufacturer's website. Then the entire history of readings can be archived and analyzed. In this way, you get a full picture of the disease and it is easier to adapt your lifestyle to your body's functioning.

It is worth knowing that the FreeStyle Libre glucose monitoring system is designed to control glucose concentration in inter-tissue fluid in people suffering from diabetes from the age of 4 (of course, until reaching the age of majority - under the care of an adult).

In addition, Freestyle Libre is also also a glucometer that uses blood glucose strips directly from the blood, as well as the only device on the market that allows the measurement of ketone bodies (also with strips). So it's three functions in one device.

In addition to this type of solutions, various accessories and CGM overlays are used to provide further options and convenience. 



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