MiaoMiao2 FAQ questions and solutions


MiaoMiao2 FAQ questions and solutions

MiaoMiao 2 is currently the most popular cover for Freestyle Libre sensors. Although the equipment is simple to use and practically trouble-free (much better reliability compared to the predecessor miaomiao 1), communication with the phone is not always the way we would like it to be. 99% of emerging problems are problems related to the software settings or the phone system itself (there are a lot of different versions of the android system on the market). We have tried to explain most of them to help you solve a problem yourself.


1. Phone has detected the MiaoMiao overlay, connected to it but no further readings.

a) MiaoMiao 2 works best with Xdrip + versions released from November 2019. If your application version has an older date, update it to the latest version from github. Links to latest editions can be found here: https://github.com/NightscoutFoundation/xDrip/releases

To check your version, enter the menu (3 dashes in the upper left corner), then the system status and as in the screen below.

Xdrip+ wersja aplikacji


b) Remember to have geolocation (gps) enabled - Xdrip requires it to work properly.

c) Check the bluetooth settings in the Xdrip + application -> three dashes -> settings -> less important settings -> Bluetooth settings so that only the ones shown in the picture below should be selected:

Xdrip+ ustawienia bluetooth miaomiao


d) check if the energy saving mode or ECO mode is activated in the phone settings.


2. Measurements were made for a long time, everything worked and when the range was lost, the results are not sent?

a) restart the overlay with a physical button on the top of the device - a wooden toothpick or paper clip is recommended. Sharp needles are not recommended

b) go to the System Status section (three dashes -> system status) and press Forget Device as in the screenshot below. The connection with the phone will be disconnected, then you need to perform the connection procedure again, according to the instructions supplied with the device.

MiaoMiao2 Forget Device procedure


3. Results appear on the main telephone, but there are no readings on my follower

a) As a FOLLOWER tracking user, make sure the Xdrip + Sync Follower box is checked as in the screen below.

Xdrip sync follower

b) In still you have missed readings on the following phone, often is helpful to switch networks from LTE to 3G


4. General tips and useful information

a) Remember, if you use the Xdrip + application only to scan the sensor via NFC, use the Libre Alarm data source, if you use the MiaoMiao overlay then the data source must be Libre Bluetooth

Xdrip Libre Alarm      Xdrip Libre Bluetooth


b) Pay attention if the bluetooth in the phone is turned on

c) An overlay with a low battery may lose connections. Remember that your MiaoMiao will always be optimally charged. One charge is enough for about 10-14 days of use.

d) Remember to make STOP and START sensor in the Xdrip + application after each sensor change. This function does not turn off or turn on the sensor physically, it is used only to stop a given session of readings in the application and start a new one. This prevents you from collecting too much data. Not using this function may cause problems with stable operation of the application after a long time.

e) MiaoMiao 2 pulsates with blue light during charging. Fully charged, it glows green continuously. Charging should take about 3 hours, using a standard charger (not for quick charging) or via a USB port on your computer. If there is no lights contact with our service team (serwis@sugarcubes.sellingo.pl

f) We recommend using ConvaCare wipes to remove the adhesive from both the device and the skin

ConvaCare glue remove

g) We recommend bands and breathable protective foils for additional protection of the overlay


Opaska ochronna MiaoMiao 2  Suprasorb F oddychająca folia ochronna na nakładkę miaomiao  Suprasorb F oddychająca folia ochronna


g) If, despite the above tips, you still have problems with the overlay, check whether your phone supports full Bluetooth 4.1 (not LE), whether your phone is in the minimum version version 6.0 or higher type of blockade) so it may happen that your phone will be resistant to proper cooperation with the overlay - this is a small chance but it is. Then check the overlay operation on another phone.

If you use Android 10 and have connection problems please check: https://en.sugarcubes.pl/news/n/45/android-10-technical-support-with-miaomiao-and-bubble

If you still have problems and can't cope? Write to us at the following address:

serwis@sugarcubes.pl We will try to help you!


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