SugarBEAT new CGM with no pain system


SugarBEAT new CGM with no pain system


The main premise during the creation of this device was the desire to create a completely non-invasive and needless system for measuring glucose levels.

The device consists of a disposable patch stuck on the skin and a transmitter. The principle of operation is based on the transmission of very small electrical impulses through the skin, which returning to the transmitter transmit information about the amount of glucose molecules.


The transmitter can be recharged many times. Data is sent every five minutes via Bluetooth to the downloaded application on your phone.

Using the proprietary algorithm, the application converts this data into glucose values. Calibrations can be made in the application to more accurately reflect the correct level of glucose in the blood.

One device operation cycle in one place is 10 days. The device can be placed anywhere on the body - standard recommended places for diabetics: arms, thighs, abdomen, buttocks.

How SugarBEAT works?:

The manufacturer has already obtained the CE mark enabling sales in the European market and will soon be sold all over Europe. The launch of sales is planned for 2020.




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