Smartband and Freestyle Libre alarms


Smartband and Freestyle Libre alarms

The Xiaomi Mi band 3 smartband allows us to view the alarms "on the hands" without having to pull the phone out of the pocket, bag, etc. .. We used this model for testing, it enabled a trouble-free display of alarms from Glimp or Xdrip + applications. Is it possible to display alarms on the lower version of the Band 2 band? We do not know this because we did not have the opportunity to test the lower model.

In order to be able to receive alarms on the armband, you need to obtain some necessary things (in addition to the base phone):

1. Of course, at the beginning, the smartband  Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Communicates with the phone via bluetooth 4.0 LE, is available in many electronics stores.

2. Blucon Nightrider or MiaoMiao sensor overlay that allow us to automatically measure from the Freestyle Libre sensor. A detailed description of the operation of this type of equipment can be found on the product cards in our store, so at this moment we will not focus on it.
You must also have the Glimp or Xdrip + application installed and running. Interested persons are invited to read here:

Blucon Nightrider                  



3. We checked the operation of the band based on the Glimp and Xdrip + applications, although we assume that the band can display alarms of all applications for measurements from the Freestyle Libre sensor, which generate an alarm-message in the phone. Below is a description based on the Xdrip + application.

4. At the beginning the armband should be charged to the full battery, which lasts approx. 50-60 minutes. In the phone which will be connected to the band, we install the first free application of the manufacturer named Mi Fit. Available on Google play store and iOS. This app is used to combine a wristband with a phone.Mi Fit

5. The application is installed, enabled, logged in to create a new account in the application or using, for example, your Google account. We turn on the band, turn on bluetooth on the phone and pair both devices in the Mi Fit application. After the first pairing the application can inform you about the software update in the armband so it may take a while longer.

6. Next, we need to download an additional application (unfortunately payable) called Tools & Mi Band. This application will allow you to generate messages in the armband.


7. Install the application, enable it, then expand the "Applications" menu

Menu Aplikacje

8. At this point, we can add the application which messages the band will display - we chose Xdrip. To add it, click on the plus and select it from the list (the application is already added on the screen below). The slider at the icon allows you to temporarily disable notifications and re-enable.

Włączona aplikacja Xdrip+

9. From now on, any application messages that appear on the phone, eg high or low sugar alarms will also appear in the armband, it gives us incredible convenience because you do not have to pull the phone out of the bag or backpack.

10. The ability to set notifications is very rich, more options can be found in the settings tab


11. Alarm levels, alarm types can be changed also in the Xdrip + and Glimp settings themselves. The band will display to us every message that will be generated by the indicated application in the phone, so there is a field for playing and various settings. You can personalize your settings from simple alarms with high or low level of sugar to alarms about trends, lack of readings, etc.

Xdrip alarmy 


We encourage you to use and try your own preferences!





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