MiaoMiao Freestyle Libre reader

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MiaoMiao Freestyle Libre reader

MiaoMiao is another transmitter after Blucon that allows you to scan the Freestyle Libre sensor every 5 minutes and send measurements to the application on your phone.

The advantages of the MiaoMiao overlay:

- built-in battery allows you to work in 24/7 continuous mode to the set is a usb cable that can be connected to the mains charger from almost every phone - charging frequency about 2 times per month

- flat, touches the sensor from the side, on a very small surface

- measurements are made every 5 minutes,

- total water resistance and water resistance

- the cover can be used by sticking it to the skin directly with the use of stickers attached to the set or when we want to occasionally use the cover, we recommend bands with an elastic frame

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