Natural fruit cold tea!


Natural fruit cold tea!

An infusion filled with cold water is the perfect portion for hydration for the whole day - in a natural way, without sugar! A great alternative to fruit juices, fruit shake or carbonated drinks. Twinings Cold Infuse consists of only natural ingredients and gives your water a subtly sweet taste.

Just drop and drink! Developed specifically for use with cold water to create delicious, no sugar beverages, making drinking the right amount of water throughout the day is even more enjoyable! One bag is 500 ml of drink!

How does it taste?

The product range includes several flavors:
- A natural orange peel combined with a hint of lemon and warming ginger!
- A summer watermelon and sweet strawberries with a hint of mint - a subtle hint of deliciously fragrant fresh flavors is the perfect accompaniment to reviving cold water wherever you are!
- A mix of blueberries with a classic blend of apples and blackcurrants - these are home-made, classic species that provide the best flavors of fruit orchards.

Add one bag to 500 ml of water - wait about 5 minutes, you can also stir. Drink ready!


  Per 100ml Brewed Infusion**
Energy 7 kJ / 2 kcal
Fat 0g
Carbohydrate 0g
Protein 0g
Salt 0.01g



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