CGM by Glimp with Blucon Nightrider


CGM by Glimp with Blucon Nightrider

Glimp is an application that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store. Initially, this application only allowed the scanning of the Freestyle Libre sensor, however, over time, subsequent updates brought new opportunities. At the moment, Glimp enables stable cooperation with the Blucon and MiaoMiao overlays. We decided to test this system with the Blucon Nightrider overlay. The main plus in relation to the Xdrip + application is the number of activities that we must do to establish a stable connection - in Glimp is definitely less. To start with, for security and limiting any future problems, uninstall Xdrip +.

Below we will describe the process of connection with the Blucon Nightrider overlay

1. Once we have the Glimp application installed and running, enter the 3 dots on the right


2. Then Option

3. Devices

4. Check the options: turn on bluetooth (you should also turn on bluetooth on your phone)
Blucon: connect to smartphone, MiaoMiao do not connect. Make sure that our Blucon is turned on and installed on the sensor, at the end we click Search bluetooth devices. If you have already used Blucon with this phone and another application, the system will probably connect automatically, otherwise a window will appear asking you to choose the device with which you want to connect (of course Blucon) and entering the PIN code to connect.

After a few (max 15-20 minutes) the results will automatically appear in the graph in the main program window. We can also enter the menu (3 dots -> CGM) and follow the measurements there. The disadvantage of the Glimp application compared to Xdrip + is the lack of sharing measurements directly between phones - i.e. the measurements can only be transferred to the Nightscout or dropbox cloud and thus be seen remotely. To connect Glimp with Nightscout, go to options / Remote measurement:


Enter the website address and password (api key) in the appropriate fields. At the end, just test the connection to make sure everything works.

While using the Glimp with the Blucon overlay, we noticed one quite important difference with the Xdrip - in Glimpus, there are very rare sudden falls in the value of measurements, not related to the real blood glucose (as it sometimes happens, or even often in the Xdrip + application).
We tested the entire kit for several days and present a short comparison.

Glimp advantages:

- faster and more intuitive process of combining the overlay with the application
- stable connection - connection loss very rarely (being in range)
- stable measurements - very rarely there have been occasional down peaks not related to blood glucose values.

Glimp disadvantages:

- sharing results can only be done via Nightscout or Dropbox - it is not possible to send measurements between applications on two different phones as in Xdrip +
- the Xdrip + application has more options for alarm settings and various user preferences.

Generally, we decided to stay for a longer time with CGM based on Glimp, we also encourage you to test!


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