Sensors protection


Sensors protection

The Flash Glycemic Monitoring System and the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System allow people with diabetes to measure their blood glucose levels painlessly and without the need to puncture the fingertip. This is possible thanks to the sensor placed in the subcutaneous tissue, which automatically measures the sugar concentration. All users of the system should take care of the sensor in a proper way, remembering about its regular replacement and protection against unsticking or accidental pulling out. How to protect the sensor from damage?

How can you protect sensor?

The Abbott FreeStyle Libre sensors as well as the Enlite Medtronic sensors often require additional protection due to the high risk of accidental breakage. Sensors are a convex element with a small adhesive surface, so you can easily hook and tear it. Therefore, to feel comfortable and safe, it is worth to additionally secure them. There are several ways to protect the sensors.

One of them are protective patches, thanks to which we can protect a plaster or sensor detaching itself from the sensor, detaching itself from the patch. We have a large selection of protective patches for both Freestyle Libre and Enlite sensors. In our offer you can find round, rectangular patches, with rounded corners, and with a hole in the middle, which makes it easier to later remove the patch. These accessories are available in a wide range of colors, so that in addition to their obvious protective function, they are also a great decoration. We find patches in a solid color, eg flesh, pink, green or black, as well as interesting patterns that will certainly appeal not only to children. We offer, among others patches in ladybugs, waves, skulls, rainbow, panther or tatto pattern. It should be emphasized that all the patches were made of breathable non-allergenic materials. They are durable and resistant to peeling. They have hypoallergenic glue, they are waterproof, and in their composition we will not find latex or zinc. Their additional advantage is flexibility and stretchability of 130-140%, which is more or less the same as that of human skin. Below are a few options for both Freestyle Libre and Enlite sensors - patches with mesh also work well as a safety device for inserting from an insulin pump!

Freestyle Libre patches:

Enlite Medtronic patches:

Other reliable ways to secure the sensor are adhesive bandages and protective bands. This is an excellent solution for people who lead an active lifestyle and children, because these products effectively protect the sensor from its possible hooking and, consequently, breaking out. Both protective bands and adhesive bandages are high quality accessories made of the best materials guaranteeing comfort and comfort of use. Adhesive bandages do not have glue, but wrapped on the shoulder, they perfectly protect the sensor, because thanks to its special structure they stick to each other. In turn, security bands, equipped with an additional pocket, are sewn individually for each customer, corresponding to the circumference of his arm. In addition, we offer protective bands specially dedicated to the MiniMed system, which protect both the sensor and the transmitter. Bandages and armbands can be set up and downloaded with ease and speed, which is their undoubted advantage. We offer protective bands, as well as adhesive bandages in interesting colors and design, which will surely appeal to younger and slightly older users using the CGM and FGM systems.

Safety clamps for the Freestyle Libre sensor:

 Security clamps for the Enlite Medtronic sensor:

Universal bands, for all types of sensors, made of Lycra:

If you are looking for products that enable effective protection of the sensor - you've come to the right place! Among the wide range of patches, bands and bandages available in our store, everyone will find the sensor protection that suits his needs and tastes.



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