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Health in food products

Anyone who gives themselves insulin for a long time with the pen will surely find out: length and quality do matter. Pricking your body several times a day to inject insulin is a pain for your body. What to do to reduce it and the discomfort of administering the drug? The answer is simple: buy good quality needles. So what?

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Najlepszej jakości igły Insupen oraz Clickfine

Pen needle - choose the right size

Every diabetic who use insulin for a long time by pen will definitely find: quality matters. Stabbing your body several times a day to give insulin is a pain for the body. What to do to reduce it and the discomfort of giving yourself a medicine? The answer is simple: buy needles of good quality. So what to choose?

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Android 10 technical support with MiaoMiao and Bubble

Not always upgrading your phone to the latest android version gives a benefits. If you don't have to, don't update your Android system. If you have already done so and your MiaoMiao 2 or Bubble reader has started to have problems with communication, we will present some tips that can help you improve this situation.

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COVID19 coronavirus and diabetes

Researchers say (source: TheLancet) that medications taken by many people with high blood pressure and diabetes may increase the risk of complications and more severe symptoms of coronavirus, especially in the elderly. These are ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers, that can lead to worsening of the disease.

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MiaoMiao2 FAQ questions and solutions

MiaoMiao 2 is currently the most popular cover for Freestyle Libre sensors. Although the equipment is simple to use and practically trouble-free (much better reliability compared to the predecessor miaomiao 1), communication with the phone is not always the way we would like it to be. 99% of emerging problems are problems related to the software settings or the phone system itself (there are a lot of different versions of the android system on the market). We have tried to explain most of them to help you solve a problem yourself.

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